Great Food Assortment

The Ketogenic Method

The Ketogenic Method Ketogenic method (keto) diets have been gaining popularity over the past few years. This diet consists of high fat intake and very low carb intake. There are many health benefits from low carb diets.  Researchers developed the Ketogenic diet in 1920. The original research was done to find a treatment to help […]

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Keto and Cholesterol

Keto and Cholesterol

Keto and Cholesterol Many people have wanted to try the Keto diet, but they don’t because they have high cholesterol. What is the problem with keto and cholesterol, and why are people afraid to try the diet? We have been told all our lives that fat is bad for us and causes heart problems. What […]

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Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

4 Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

There are many effective exercises for weight loss.  I have listed my favorite four for your consideration. Whatever diet you may undertake you will need to exercise, so pick one or more and stick with them. Many of us do not have the time to go to the gym or the money. But these are […]

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Keto Fat Bombs

Six Keto Fat Bombs You Will Love

Keto Fat Bombs are a great way to keep on the Keto diet and still enjoy something sweet. They are easy to make and keep well in the fridge. There are so many keto recipes to help you stay with this diet. On the keto diet, you replace carbs with good, high-fat foods. Most people […]

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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders – A Growing Problem

Eating Disorders Eating disorders are a mental illness, no matter how you want to look at them. For those who have no idea about what an eating disorder can do, an eating disorder can and does end a person’s life if it’s not stopped or treated. About thirty million people suffer from some form of […]

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Mediterranean Diet Plan


What Is This Diet Plan? This Mediterranean diet plan was started in the 1980s by two doctors who worked in the United States and traveled to the Mediterranean. People there were healthier and living longer. Back then in America, the popular diet was everything low fat. After studying what Mediterranean people ate, they realized that […]

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Bulimia is not the answer.

Bulimia – The Horrifying Facts

Shortcuts Not To Take Bulimia is a shortcut that we should never take to weight loss.  There are significant health risks, and it does not provide the desired results. Many of us are overweight due to unhealthy eating or just plain overeating. Obesity is now at epidemic proportions. We have become a fast food and […]

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The healthy eating question

The Healthy Eating Question – A Global Solution