Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

4 Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

There are many effective exercises for weight loss.  I have listed my favorite four for your consideration. Whatever diet you may undertake you will need to exercise, so pick one or more and stick with them.

Many of us do not have the time to go to the gym or the money. But these are exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home or your neighborhood.

woman swimmingSwimming is a good exercise and great for your cardio.

Most places have a public swimming pool that you can use or beaches. Maybe you have a swimming pool in your backyard. Could you make use of it?

Pros of Swimming

Good for muscles and joints – Swimming has no hard impact on the muscles or joints, which makes it a perfect exercise for those with bad knees, muscle pain, overweight individuals, or arthritis.

Weight loss – Water resistance is something that you really do not notice so it is an easy exercise to do that helps burn calories, leading to weight loss.

Disease prevention – Swimming helps to prevent osteoporosis, it aids in the reduction of flu and colds, and it can also help build up your immune system.

Stress reduction – Dopamine helps regulate your mood, so swimming helps produce this, aids in mental relaxation, aids in reducing anxiety and stress, which can also help to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Heart health – Swimming is considered an aerobic exercise that improves circulation and heart function, reduces the risk of heart attack, stabilizes blood pressure, and can help clean out your arteries.  It can be an effective exercise for weight loss.

Cons of Swimming

Injury risk – This exercise can increase the risk of tendinitis because of repetitive movement, so make sure not to do more than recommended. If you are unsure, then speak to your doctor.

Allergies – Most people know that pools have chlorine in them. Chlorine irritates the eyes and mucous membranes but can also cause skin allergies.

Infections (fungal) – Fungus of the feet is one of the most common fungus types that you get from swimming, especially when a person doesn’t dry between their toes good enough.

Equipment – One problem with using swimming as an exercise is finding a pool if you don’t already have one. If you have a public pool, there is usually a fee to use it.

Seasonal – You need a back-up exercise because swimming in the winter isn’t a good idea unless you have access to an indoor swimming pool or a heated swimming pool.


Most of us can walk or run. You can do this type of exercise in your neighborhood and enjoy the fresh air and sights. It doesn’t have to be a fast walk or an extremely long one. If you choose to run, start by jogging until you get used to running.

Pros of Walking/Running

Mood improvement – Your body produces endorphins when running, which can enhance your mood.

Weight loss – Walking and running burn calories a lot faster than most exercises, which helps you lose more weight.

Brain performance – Running increases blood flow to your brain, improving your brain’s performance.

Muscle gain – Running helps you to gain muscle mass by decreases your muscle fat.

Metabolism increases – Any aerobic exercise will help you build up your body’s strength, which will also boost your metabolism.

Oxygen increase – Running helps to make your heart stronger, which helps to pump more oxygen through your body. It increases your capacity to carry more oxygen that aids in keeping your vital organs healthy.

Blood pressure reduction – Running just a few minutes a day can decrease high cholesterol and blood pressure and the chance of diabetes.

Sleeping better – Running helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. A reduction in these problems will aid you in a better night’s sleep.

Prolonged life – Since exercise can add years to your life, running alone can add three years to your lifespan but reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Reduction of Heart Disease – Running, walking, and jogging helps with your heart rate, reducing heart diseases.

As a young person I chose running as my effective exercise for weight loss

Cons of Walking/Running

Injuries – Over-exercising can traumatize your leg joints, back muscles, and knees, especially running.

Stress in heat – Running during temperatures of extreme heat is terrible for your body. It can damage your heart as well as your urinary system.

Self-abuse – Many people push themselves beyond their limit. Running is a type of self-punishment where you abuse your own body.

Fumes from exhaust – If you are running on busy streets, you’re breathing in many fumes that are unhealthy.

Gaining weight – Most people run to lose weight, but then after their run, they find themselves hungry and thirsty. We drink and eat the wrong things that end up leading to weight gain instead.

Expensive – For you to enjoy running and to be able to make it the everyday exercise for you, then you need the right shoes and activewear. If you aren’t comfortable, then you probably won’t stick to it.

Cancer – Running in the sun can cause skin cancer, just like when you stay out in the sun too long swimming or sunbathing.

Osteoarthritis – Running is a hard impact exercise that adds weight to your leg joints, leading to osteoarthritis.’

Cycling What Are The Pros and Cons of Cycling Exercise

Cycling is one of the most popular exercises. Get out and ride your bike, explore your city, go on a bike trail, and enjoy the fresh air.

Pros of Cycling

Fresh air – Fresh air when riding can reduce heart disease by 50%! That alone is a great reason to cycle. But it also helps to better your mood and clear your head. It’s also a good source of vitamin D.

Exercise – Cycling improves heart health; it makes your bones stronger and increases your joints’ mobility. Along with the weight loss it promotes, it also helps to relieve stress. Riding increases your heart rate for a great cardio workout and can improve your posture.

Fast travel – Cycling is so much faster than jogging and with less impact on your joints. It’s a much cheaper form of travel, and you can go anywhere on a bicycle. For short trips, make sure to bring a filled water bottle. If you’re taking a long trip, make sure to pack a backpack with water, protein bars, a change of clothing, money, and your cell phone.

Planet protection – Cars and trucks cause pollution to our planet. Cycling doesn’t cause pollution since it doesn’t need any fuel or batteries that are toxic.

Cons of Cycling

No protection – Other than a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, you have no protection when cycling.

Have to share the road – Cyclists have to share the street/road with trucks, buses, and cars. Being on the road can be extremely dangerous, especially at night. Make sure if you are riding at night that you have reflectors on your bicycle.

Bad weather – Rain, snow, thunderstorms, heat can all be dangerous to a cyclist. When the weather is bad enough, cycling is not a good idea.

StairsStair Climbing What are the Pros and Cons of Stair Climbing to lose weight?

You can do this in your home, on your front steps, anywhere that has steps. Start at a slow pace and speed up once you get the hang of it.

Pros of Stair Climbing

Weight loss – Stair climbing can significantly improve weight loss as it burns lots of calories. It can also increase your oxygen intake.

Improve digestion – Since stair climbing takes a lot of physical energy. It helps to improve digestion and increase someone’s appetite. It also can help to prevent constipation.

Flexibility improvement – At first, stair climbing will stiffen your joints and make you sore. But before long, it improves flexibility, strengthens your muscles and ligaments stronger, and can help prevent degenerative diseases.

Cons of Stair Climbing