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Can Food Be Healthy And Fast?

Fast Food

We do love our fast food!

Fast food is, and will no doubt continue to be, one of the most secure industries in the world.  We live in high stress and fast-moving world.  We often need to eat on the run. The quickest option is to stop at our favorite fast food establishment.

Over time we become used to the fast food and even prefer it over home cooked meals, especially if we are the one that has to cook. Our taste becomes attuned to fast food and so we often make excuses for stopping on the way home or when we go anyplace.

So it does not appear that fast food will disappear any time soon. From a healthy eating point of view, the question has to be whether we turn a blind eye to it or find healthy fast food. Does healthy fast food even exist, though?

So fast food is a secure industry, but on the other hand, so is healthy eating. The healthy eating industry is now growing as a result of the explosion of fast foods.

It is true that many of us need to eat on the move, but there are certainly enough people around who don’t want to compromise on their healthy eating. There are options. Some fast-food locations have added healthy items to their menus.

Healthier Fast Foods

Salad bars have become popular and usually have a very good variety.  They are not as easy to find in all locations but are a growth industry.  They may never be as common as McDonald’s but are spreading.

Another fast and healthy option for many of us is a sandwich.  They may not be the best solution, but one that can be much better than a hamburger and fries.

This search for healthier food choices while on the go has promoted the growth of sandwich chains.  This growth in the number of sandwich chains around the country is a testament to how much people enjoy a good sandwich. One advantage is that sandwiches are readily customizable.

Admittedly, not all sandwiches are healthy, but it is up to you how you have them. A chicken salad sandwich on wholemeal with no mayo is certainly healthier than a burger and fries. One thing that makes them so desirable is the level of variation compared to burgers.

Sandwich never needs to become boring. Most sandwich shops also do wraps, pasta salads, and other variations too. You can make any number of combinations to give you a wide variety in your daily diet.


Fast food can be both healthy and unhealthy.  The choice is really up to you and how you decide to eat. There are many ways we can improve our eating habits. We can and are always developing new likes when it comes to food. Our taste changes as we sample new things.

Remember that eating healthy is a choice. There are always options that we can take to improve our health. No one forces us to eat poorly.

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