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Keto and Cholesterol

Keto and Cholesterol

Keto and Cholesterol Many people have wanted to try the Keto diet, but they don’t because they have high cholesterol. What is the problem with keto and cholesterol, and why are people afraid to try the diet? We have been told all our lives that fat is bad for us and causes heart problems. What […]

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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders – A Growing Problem

Eating Disorders Eating disorders are a mental illness, no matter how you want to look at them. For those who have no idea about what an eating disorder can do, an eating disorder can and does end a person’s life if it’s not stopped or treated. About thirty million people suffer from some form of […]

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Bulimia is not the answer.

Bulimia – The Horrifying Facts

Shortcuts Not To Take Bulimia is a shortcut that we should never take to weight loss.  There are significant health risks, and it does not provide the desired results. Many of us are overweight due to unhealthy eating or just plain overeating. Obesity is now at epidemic proportions. We have become a fast food and […]

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The healthy eating question

The Healthy Eating Question – A Global Solution

Healthy Eating Is Boring When considering the healthy eating question you must consider a lot of factors. Some say that healthy eating is boring, but I don’t find it so. More good foods are healthy than those that are not.  All you have to do is plan what you are going to eat and buy […]

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Healthy eating isn't all about physical benefits

Healthy Eating Isn’t All About Physical Benefits

Healthy eating isn’t all about physical benefits, it is about total wellness. The importance of eating healthy is known to us all. We may not do it, but most of us learned the basics when we were school age. Without the proper diet, it is hard to live the life we would all like to, […]

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Is low carb safe for children?

Is A Low Carb Diet Safe For Kids?

The views on whether a low-carb diet is safe for kids are mixed. Some people believe that kids benefit from low-carb diets because they lower their wheat and sugar intake. They believe parents don’t need to be as strict about having a child in a healthy weight range because their insulin sensitivity is more sensitive […]

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Clean Eating – Changes Lives

What is Clean Eating – is it Important? The fact that over 60% of our population is obese has caused an increase in enthusiasm for clean eating. So eating the right kind of foods and avoiding ‘bad foods’ is a growing trend. The growth of this movement has created quite a stir in many phases […]

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