Healthy eating isn't all about physical benefits

Healthy Eating Isn’t All About Physical Benefits

Healthy eating isn’t all about physical benefits, it is about total wellness.

The importance of eating healthy is known to us all. We may not do it, but most of us learned the basics when we were school age.

Without the proper diet, it is hard to live the life we would all like to, keeping energy levels high and doing the things we enjoy. However, it is not all about the physical benefits of a healthy diet.

Eating the right things can have a beneficial effect on your mental wellbeing too.

Mental Health

Many types of mental illness affect us in this day and age.  All of us have experienced the cognitive effects of war and poverty on our friends and neighbors.

We manufacture drugs to help relieve the symptoms but do little to cure the problems.  Some of the many issues we see are due to us living longer. As we age, we slowly lose some of our mental awareness and begin to forget things. It is natural, but we can slow the process by healthy eating.

The truth is that mental health and physical health are interconnected. You can eat too little or too much of the wrong thing. Then you will suffer mentally and physically. Your brain requires nourishment every bit as much as your body. The lack of protein in your diet can result in the onset or aggravation of depression.

Most of us realize that healthy eating isn’t all about physical benefits. Sometimes, however, we forget the relationship it has to our mental wellbeing.


One of the main adverse effects of depression is the lack of energy. You feel like you don’t want to do anything. You see things that you should do but feel like you can not get up and get it done.

If you suffer from depression, then one of the main adverse effects of the illness is a lack of energy. This lack of energy affects your ability to fight the condition. Eating the right things and doing the proper exercise is essential to your well-being.

When you suffer from depression, you often feel that you do not want to eat at all. However, it is vital that you not only eat but eat the right foods. So-called “comfort food” – which is rarely very comforting – will not meet your needs. You need to get some fresh fruit and vegetables and carbohydrates from pasta or potatoes to help.

If you eat the right foods and go for a walk, you will feel your depression lifting. There is something about getting outside that helps us relax and feel better.

Fluid Important

Drinking plenty of fluid is also essential for mental health. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, and if we do not drink enough, it harms both the mind and body.

Under normal circumstances, your body needs five to eight glasses of water a day. If you are drinking bottled water, try to consume three to four 16oz bottles a day.  On hot days or days that you are doing exercise, you may need much more.

It would be best if you didn’t become dehydrated. Keeping your body fully hydrated gives your mind the fuel that is so important.

Having the energy and the sharpness to send the symptoms of depression packing is essential. A healthy diet and good hydration will play a big part in this.


As you can see, healthy eating isn’t all about physical benefits. What we eat contributes to our total well-being. Eating the right foods in the right portions creates healthy bodies and healthy minds.

For more information, there is a great article at this link, Nutrient Deficiency: A Trigger For Mental Health Disorders.

And don’t forget water! Your brain is mostly water, and it affects you adversely when you do not get enough.

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