The healthy eating question

The Healthy Eating Question – A Global Solution

Healthy Eating Is Boring

When considering the healthy eating question you must consider a lot of factors.

Some say that healthy eating is boring, but I don’t find it so. More good foods are healthy than those that are not.  All you have to do is plan what you are going to eat and buy the right ingredients.

There is a never-ending variety of homemade salads. Your only limit is your imagination.

But while salads and vegetables are great, you can add a sparkle to them. Many times, people only think of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and maybe a little onion. That is sad because there are so many other items that can make a salad much more exciting and tasty.

Sometimes all you need is something a little different. Explore all your taste buds can experience.

Geography And What We Eat

People eat differently in other parts of the world. The great part is that you can find most of these foods in your local grocery. Start by looking for things you have not eaten before.

You will find foods that come from two main areas, the cold regions and the hot areas. Each area eats differently. You probably live in one of these areas and eat mostly food from your part of the world.

Cold Areas

It may seem a little weird but geography has a bearing on our typical diets.  We eat foods common to the part of the country or world in which we live.

In many western countries, with cold rainy climates we tend to eat heavier foods. Foods that are harder for us to digest. We eat the kind of foods that fatten us up to deal with the cold weather.

When you have eaten the food from your area for many years, it is hard to change to another cuisine type. Even foods that are standard in one part of a country may not be acceptable in another.

And so, if you are raised in a cold climate, trying cuisine from a hotter climate might be the key. You may find that even though it is different, you like it.

Hot Areas

If you were born in India, a country where the weather is invariably hot, you would like your food hot. Spice is cheap and a primary ingredient in that country’s cuisine.

Hot spices grow there and are easily affordable in their standard diet. Additionally, hot spice in a diet makes it more readily digestible and doesn’t add fat. However, it does take some getting used to if you come from a colder climate.

Good Indian food is a very worthwhile option in a healthy diet. You can also incorporate many spices into basic salads to make them more exciting.

Over Eating

Any food, if eaten to excess, will indeed cause you to gain weight. But mixing up your diet to give it an international flavor will keep things interesting, give you a range of nutrients that will be good to your body, and get you thinking about food differently, which will be beneficial in the long run.


The healthy eating question has a global solution and does not have to be boring. You can pick and choose what you eat in a way that is both exciting and healthy. Don’t be afraid of eating different foods, and you may find that you like them better.

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