Why we crave

Why Do We Crave What Is Bad For Us?

Some clichés are true

The old cliché that if something is delicious it must be fattening has a lot to answer for. Take any list of favorite foods, and there is little doubt that the majority will be things that are bad for us. We instinctively crave foods that, on balance, are not the best option for us – they are unhealthy, lack nutrition and often they don’t really fill our stomachs very well – but we keep going back, for whatever reason.

Why DO we crave foods that are bad for us?

Some of our cravings come from what we eat when we were young. Mommy’s cooking is usually what we set as a standard. The foods we ate when around the table with our family are often good memories and we want to feel good. The food does not make us feel good but our happy experiences.

Charm not always taste

There is no doubt that there is a certain charm to food that is not particularly healthy. That charm is not always in the way the food tastes. Sometimes it is a convenience thing – if you’re at a football game the chances are that the options for a snack do not include a healthy casserole.  The available foods include burgers, hot dogs, and various other foods that won’t do your waistline a lot of good.

Sometimes it can be something as simple as the way a food smells – find someone who doesn’t enjoy the smell of fried onions and you may just have found alien life. Well maybe that is just me, but you understand what I am saying. Our sense of smell at times triggers hunger when in fact we are not hungry.

Thoughtless eating

As often as not, we just crave unhealthy food because it is simple. We’re used to it, we don’t need to sit down to eat it or pair it with just the right side dish. It’s easy and it tastes good.

What we need to do is to get to the point where we find a healthy option to be just as hassle-free. For many people, the best option, in this case, is a great salad.  The problem is that we often take good foods and make them bad for us by adding dressings or sugars to them.


Why do we crave has many answers. We are very complex and there are many events in life that shape what we want to eat. Many times I crave certain things just because I am bored.

Whatever the cause you must understand that you have the power to control it.  Yes, it is hard to make any change in our habits, but not real hard. Put your mind to it and find tricks that help you.

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